Our Wastewater Treatment is defined as:
Water Treatment is the newest process in the Temarry Closed Loop Recycling system. For various industrial needs on-site, Temarry was consuming 2000-3000 gallons of water per day. With this newest process, we can now convert water-based hazardous waste such as corrosive liquids, oily water, and coolants to useable water. Again, preventing the consumption of a natural resource. All recovered water is used on-site, nothing is discharged.

Water-based waste can be received in drums, totes, and tankers. After the initial inspection and fingerprint analysis in the receiving area, waste is directed to the Water Treatment area. Corrosive liquids go to the neutralization area first. After being neutralized waste is moved to the primary treatment area including phase separation, settling, flocculation, and final filtering.

Finished clean water is stored in an accumulation tank and ready for onsite industrial use including a cooling tower used in solvent distillation, venturi scrubber and primary combustion chamber used in Waste to Energy.

Waste Water Treatment

How Temarry Uses Waste Water In Our True Recycling Closed Loop Process.

our ebook outlines which waste codes
Temarry excepts at our facility

Inside you’ll find what types of waste streams Temarry receives and what we don’t. Codes included are:


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