Recycling Services

Specializing in the efficiency of the management of recyclable hazardous and non-hazardous wastes....

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Waste to Energy

True Recycling means using Waste solids to generate Energy to power our solvent recovery stills on...

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There are no other facilities serving the western United States similar to Temarry’s “True Rec...

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Solvent Distillation

True Recycling recovers valuable solvents for reuse through the application of heat derived from h...

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Temarry’s Authorization

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Authorized Transportation to Mexico

Temarry Recycling was the first authorized company in the United States to be authorized by the Environmental Protection Agency to export certain wastes to Mexico....

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A True Closed Loop Recycling Process

A truly sustainable closed loop recycling process where everything is used and nothing is wasted.


Temarry’s services involve two primary processes:

  • The retrieval of clean, usable solvents from waste products by distillation
  • The reduction or complete elimination of hazardous wastes using our Waste to Energy thermal treatment system. Our system utilizes valuable energy from solid hazardous waste.

With the Temarry process, expensive solvents can be recovered and sold back into industry for reuse, thereby eliminating the need for costly disposal or inefficient fuel blending.

Today, Temarry serves over 1000 waste generators in the Western United States and receives waste from all geographical areas of Mexico. Temarry exports recovered solvents to USA, Brazil, Malaysia and Pakistan.