As the environmental impact of how the hazardous waste transportation industry effects the environment increases, the need for a low cost alternative treatment facility, close to a waste generators location, becomes virtually mandatory. If we set aside the need for lower hazardous waste transportation costs, which are an additional benefit of having a facility like Temarry’s close by, the impact of the carbon footprint a business can leave behind is becoming a real issue for many businesses.


Enter your location into the from field and the destination location in the to field. The calculator will automatically calculate your carbon footprint. You can manually change the miles and MPG fields if you desire.

Carbon Footprint Formula

Miles Driven / 6 MPG x 2.77kg Per Gallon = Amount of Carbon Footprint

(A typical disposal truck will average 6 miles per gallon.)

How To Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Obviously, the higher the KGS number, the larger carbon footprint your business is creating. Determining which facilities can handle your waste streams that are located closer to your location will reduce your carbon footprint and ultimately lower your hazardous waste disposal costs.

Need To Know More About How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?