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Waste To Energy

“True Recycling” at Temarry means using Waste solids to generate Energy to power our solvent recovery stills on site. Waste is fed by conveyor into the primary stage for thermal destruction at 1500° F. All
vapors and gases are directed to secondary thermal treatment at 1500° F. Inorganic solids, or ash, from the primary stage is quenched and falls into an ash hopper. Heat is directed to a 200 horse power steam generator. Remaining gases are directed to a modern two stage venturi scrubber to insure that only clean water vapor is emitted to the atmosphere.

Steam is used as an energy source to power the solvent recovery stills that produce technical grade solvent products to be sold back into industry. Ash from the ash hopper is blended with high BTU still bottoms. Controlled blends are sent to cement kilns to be used as alternative fuels.

Typical solids that are compatible with the system are rags, organic debris, PPE, and absorbents

The highest level of sustainability is achieved by reducing carbon footprint. For each 60 cubic yard boxes thermally treated on site, one cubic yard of ash is generated.

For each 100 gallons of typical solvents distilled, 30 gallons of still bottoms are generated to be blended with ash. This represents a dramatic reduction in the number of truck loads that are transported off site for secondary recycling at a cement kiln. All waste that Temarry receives has value. All waste is recycled and nothing goes to landfill. We provide a true waste to energy process that benefits everyone.

Carbon Footprint Formula

 Miles Driven / 6 MPG  x  2.77kg Per Gallon = Amount of Carbon Footprint

Visit our Free Carbon Footprint Calculator to find out what your business’s carbon footprint is.

Carbon Footprint from Los Angeles to Temarry

157 Miles
26 Gallons
73 kgs

Carbon Footprint from Los Angeles to Arkansas

1,618 Miles
270 Gallons
747 kgs

How Can Temarry Recycling Help You the Most?

Contact us and we will discuss how you can achieve a higher level of sustainability with cost efficiency.