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Sustainability and Your Carbon Footprint

The total amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly and indirectly support human activities, usually expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Waste transportation is one of the most impacting activities in the calculation of carbon footprint. It is considered that 1 gallon of diesel fuel consumed produces 2.77 KG of carbon dioxide.Carbon-Footprint

There are no other facilities serving the western United States similar to Temarry’s “True Recycling” “Closed Loop” system. By utilizing hazardous waste solids to convert to energy to power solvent recovery stills, the carbon footprint is sharply reduced. By returning recycled technical grade solvents back to industry, fewer raw materials are consumed to manufacture new product.

The typical alternative to Temarry is to send hazardous waste to a TSDF in southern CA that “fuel blends” on site. The nearest cement kiln facilities to send fuel blended waste to are in the Midwest. This is demonstrated by an H061 handling code on the manifest. H061 means fuel blended to be consumed off site. By contrast, for each 20 cubic yard boxes thermally treated on site at Temarry, one cubic yard of ash is generated. For each 100 gallons of typical solvents distilled, 30 gallons of still bottoms are generated to be blended with ash. This represents a dramatic reduction in the number of truck loads that are transported off site for secondary recycling at a cement kiln.

How Much Carbon Footprint Are You Leaving Behind?

Most business are unaware of the carbon footprint they create. Once their hazardous waste is past on to a transportation company for disposal, any thought of a carbon footprint responsibility is usually long gone.

However, by using appropriate disposal facilities like Temarry, reducing the amount of carbon footprint your waste could potentially contribute to can be significantly reduced.


We Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

By ensuring your waste is transported to Temarry, you can effectively reduce the amount of your carbon footprint. Since we are one of only a few facilities that can recycle flammable liquids for reuse, making sure your waste ends up here is not only more cost effective, but dramatically reduces the amount of carbon footprint left behind.


Carbon Footprint from Los Angeles to Temarry

Carbon Footprint Formula

 Miles Driven / 6 MPG  x  2.77kg Per Gallon = Amount of Carbon Footprint

Visit our Free Carbon Footprint Calculator to find out what your business’s carbon footprint is.

157 Miles
26 Gallons
73 kgs

Carbon Footprint from Los Angeles to Arkansas

1,618 Miles
270 Gallons
747 kgs

The techniques used by Temarry Recycling Inc. include more than 40 years of experience in Chemistry and engineering. That expertise, combined with environmental consciousness and a genuine understanding of the economics of hazardous waste management, is our strongest product. Our goal is to recycle your waste in a legal, clean, sustainable and cost effective manner.