Recycling is not a Luxury, it is a Necessity!

Temarry Recycling was the first authorized company in the United States to be authorized by the Environmental Protection Agency to export certain wastes to Mexico.

Located just outside of San Diego California, Temarry serves the business communities of the Western United States. We utilize our transportation assets for door to door and cradle to grave service. Temarry’s services involve two primary processes:

  • The retrieval of clean, usable solvents from waste products by distillation
  • The reduction or complete elimination of hazardous wastes using our Waste to Energy thermal treatment system. Our system utilizes valuable energy from solid hazardous waste.
  • Recovery of water from hazardous wastes including acids, bases, latex, coolants and oily water.

With the Temarry process, expensive solvents can be recovered and sold back into industry for reuse, thereby eliminating the need for costly disposal or inefficient fuel blending.

Today, Temarry serves over 3000 waste generators in the Western United States and receives waste from all geographical areas of Mexico. Temarry exports recovered solvents to USA, Brazil, Malaysia, and Pakistan.


By ensuring your waste is transported to Temarry, you can effectively reduce the amount of your carbon footprint. Since we are one of only a few facilities that can recycle flammable liquids for resue, making sure your waste ends up here is not only more cost effective, but dramatically reduces the amount of carbon footprint left behind.

Carbon Footprint from Los Angeles to Temarry

Carbon Footprint Formula : Miles Driven / 6 MPG x 2.77kg Per Gallon = Amount of Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint from Los Angeles to Arkansas


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Our team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to provide a sustainable and cost effective solution to your hazardous waste needs



Matt is the President and CEO of Temarry Recycling, Inc.

With over 19 years of experience as Owner-Operator of a Recycling Facility, Matt inherited his experience from his Grandfather who owned one of the few solvent recycling operations in the Los Angeles area for over 50 years prior to RCRA publication in 1976. In the early 90’s Matt’s Grandfather decided to retire and in continuing with the family tradition, Matt decided to open the facility in the border town of Tecate, Mexico to serve a growing Maquiladora Industry (US manufacturing operations located on the Mexican side of border towns) as well the Southern California market.



Teresa is V.P. of Temarry Recycling, Inc. and CEO of Recicladora Temarry de Mexico, our Mexican TSD Facility located in Tecate, Mexico.
She also serves as President of the Tecate Sector of the National Chamber of Commerce (CANACINTRA) and is an active member of the political community in Baja California Mexico.
With her leadership, Recicladora Temarry has been positioned as the leading recycling company in the Northwestern Area of Mexico.


Director of Business Development

With over 25 years of experience in the Hazardous Waste Industry including incineration, distillation, energy recovery and service distribution in the U.S. and Mexico, Larry is responsible for the development and implementation of the Import/Export Waste Recycling and Energy Recovery Program in the Western United States.
His regulatory and technical background support all of our Compliance Programs that assure peace of mind to our customers and maintain our impeccable record of Zero Violations in all the regulatory fields of waste exportation.